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The West Torrens Historian 

The West Torrens Historian is the newsletter of the West Torrens Historical Society Inc and is published each April, August and December. 

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Vol1 no 1 APR 2009

· Mr Claude Hamilton Oliver grocery/ Home Service Stores/Four Square

· Plympton Wesleyan Methodist Church

· Private bus services in West Torrens

· Camden Primary School

· ANZAC Day commemoration and street names

· Rowell family

· South Road - Anzac Highway Corner, through the years (Images)

· Lockleys Pictures from the Lockleys Budget Vol 6, Nov 1949

· The Black Forest From a 1977 WTHS interview with Mr J.D. Couston

· Barker Brother Saleyards From “The Register” newspaper, 23 August 1911, p.8

· Grassmere Building Lots (now Kurralta Park) From a 1919 land agent’s advertising brochure

· New Camden Primary School 1976 (Image)

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Vol1 no2 AUG 2009

· The “Albatross” Flying Machine, George Edwin Richardson (1848-1921)

· First ten “Plaques for Places” sites bus tour

· Bunney Bros bus service, Gordon Sharrad driver

· The original Adelaide Airport terminal

· Car manufacturing, W.H. Wylie, T.J. Richards, Chrysler, Lightburn Industries, Zeta

· Memories of Cowandilla School 1926 -1932, Yvonne Jackson (Nee Riggs)

· Lyric Pictures, Lockleys

· 'Owell' Town Club, From the Lockleys Budget, Vol 16, May 1, 1952

· Air raid shelters, letter from the Camden School Committee to West Torrens Council 1942

· Keswick shop explosion - C.H. Oliver’s grocery shop, 1975

· Memories of the Lockleys Show 1948 (Images)

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Vol1 no3 DEC 2009

· Electric Light Cricket, Alf Stone, Cowandilla, 1930

· West Torrens Assessment Records from 1855 to 1865

· Thebarton/Hindmarsh Inner Wheel Club

· Group visits, Lightburn twin tub washing machine image

· Remembering the fallen, honouring former Lockleys Primary School students, 1948 cabinet John Harold Rowell, Jack Vivian Brittain, Thomas Lloyd George, William Donald George, Douglas Bruce Cowell, Kenneth Walter Deacon

· War-time plans to demolish bridges by Ken Sutter

· Tramway tea lady, Miss E. Lea, from Among Ourselves M.T.T., Issue 11, January 1948

· Mile End Baptist Church, 1910 image

· Businesses through the years: Penrhyn Shopping Centre, Marion Road, West Richmond, 1953; Plympton Post Office, Anzac Highway, mid-1900’s; Torrensville Service Station, Henley Beach Road & Bagot Avenue (now Subway), c1930’s; J.R. Wright Richmond Primary School Tuck shop, c1926 (Images)

· Hunt Club in Weeropa, Penrhyn, Barkers paddocks, Fulham Gardens, Henley South, West Beach from 1979 interview with Ken Moss, Bucklands image

· Western Youth Centre From a report: The Western Youth Centre - 20 Years of Progress 1957-1977

· Camden Motordrome 1935, from notes supplied by former Mayor George Robertson

· Home deliveries - from interview with Mrs Kathleen Pearl Webster, Kurralta Park, 1999

· Thomas Day - Keswick pioneer, arrived Dindem 1840, extract from interview, Advertiser, 1917

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Vol2  no1 APR 2010

· Sabrina -the pride of Lockleys, Lasscock’s nursery hibiscus plant, 1959

· District ‘first’s’ history summary: First wheat crop in the colony; earliest grape growing and wine production occurred; ‘Vickers Vimy’ aircraft, Colonel Light’s home, aboriginal excavations in Fulham, first bricks manufactured in Lockleys, SA’s first major railway yards at Keswick, site of the first race-course, locations for horse breeding, polo and coursing held in Plympton, strong links to the South Australian National Football League founded in the West Torrens and West Adelaide clubs in 1890s, first recorded cricket matches in state held in Thebarton in 1839

· Records of pioneering families such as White, Everard, Morphett, Fisher, Davis, Kidman, Rowell

· History Week “Trip Down Memory Lane” walking tours

· Lockleys North Primary School, oak tree planting, 1960 from Meg Abbott, Lockleys

· A local icon: “Shu-Tone for Shoes” and “Acorn for Floors”, merchants and manufacturers, Julius Cohn & Co., Torrensville (Thebarton Senior Centre meeting hall)

· The steam era at the Mile End railway yards, by Ken Sutter, SA Railways 1942-1947

· Plympton Primary School, children playing; Findon Tram No 67 in Albert St., Thebarton, travelling from Holland St., Southwark, gasometer at rear; preparing Keswick Creek for concrete lining at Mile End South with Charlick’s factory in background; Osborn’s Nurseries and house, Richmond (Images)

· The blacksmith’s bellows - recollections of Plympton area interview with Stanley Livingston Copley, 1976

· Fulham Park - First subdivision of Mr W.S.P. Kidman’s Estate, 1914 real estate brochure

· Kia Ora (Flora McDonald Lodge) Cowandilla, 1905

· West Beach shacks, 1963

· The Holbrook Road corner, 1917 floods Underdale, with information on R. Thomson grocery and bakery

· Dog with its own street post - Zither Street, Plympton

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Vol2 no2 AUG 2010

· Local hero - Wally Shiers (1889-1968) with Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith, Air Race England to Australia, 1919 (Cowandilla dairy image)

· Abraham Hopkins Davis; Moore Farm homestead (Nunkarie) Henley Beach Road  demolished for Foodland), Hilton Star Theatre tour

· Hilton/Richmond Blocks, Davenport Terrace site of Linfoot family, home and store, 1900-1930’s

· Back to Fulham and Lockleys celebrations, 1937

· Acklands Corner, Thebarton (Henley Beach Road/Taylors Road & Fisher Terrace (now South Road); Policeman on point duty, Bay Road and South Road corner; Shop in Long Street Plympton; Findon Tram No 67 in Albert St., Thebarton, travelling from Holland St., Southwark, gasometer at rear (Images)

· Royal Gift Tea for poor children, visit of His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester

· Keswick Methodist Church, Croydon Road, opening, 1923

· Ashford old gum tree - Everard family

· Scafell dairy, Underdown family, 329 Marion Road, Netley    

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Vol2 no3 DEC 2010

· The Hilton Bridge saga - brake failure on SA Railways double decker bus, 1927

· ‘Kandahar’ historic house restoration; 1881 sketches of Lockleys land use with description

· To the Back of Beyond... and Back, Captain S.A. White and Murray Aunger, motor vehicle trip, 1922

· Cowandilla Ether plant, 1946-1952 (Western Youth Centre)

· Thebarton Bowling Club, Taylors Road (South Road), opening, 1913; St Gabriels kindergarten, Howard Street Underdale, closing day; Mile End Railway Museum; Spectators watching dog races at Plympton (Images)

· Prize fight - police capture persons assembled near Mr Hardy’s vineyards, 1882

· The Woman Suffers, partly filmed at Aldridge’s Richmond Park Stud (St Martins Nursing Home), 1918

· Divining Rod - seeking water sources at Lockleys, 1914

· The Bronzewing Poultry Farm, Plympton

· The Strange Case of the Disappearing Suburb - Glenbank, 1929

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Vol3  no1 APR 2011

· The ghost that haunted Rowells Road, 1858 accident, William Malcolm thrown from horse

· About time: South Australia’s history festival, 175th anniversary exhibition; Lockleys North Primary School 1961 image;  Sewerage Pumping station at Cowandilla

· Lockleys Dad’s Army - Volunteer Defence Corps (VDC) 1940

· A horse racing tradition - street names, Thebarton racecourse 1843 (Norma Street, Lurline Street, Cowra Street, Tarragon Street, Roebuck Street, Ebor Avenue, Falcon Avenue); Richmond Park (St Anton Street, Lucknow Street); Morphettville racecourse (Bourlang Avenue, Fiscom Avenue, Melanto Avenue, Pistolier Street)

· Floods from Sturt Creek at Morphett Arms Hotel, 1909; Glenelg Migrant Hostel, c1960’s; Kevin War selling kerosene, for household heating, from horse and cart, Mile End district; floods at tram viaduct at Fulham, c1917

· Plympton Army Camp, 1941

· Plane crash - Harry Butler lands Tiger moth in Aldridge’s paddock, 1922

· Underdale Footy Club theme song, 1949

· Richmond Oval opened for football, 1955

· Cummins House - home of the Morphetts, Novar Gardens, built 1842

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Vol3 no2 AUG 2011

· The games we played - board games, skipping rope, marbles, backyard cricket, follow the leader, hopscotch, handball, all-over-red-rover, hoppo-boppo, pigeon toe, brandy

· ‘Let’s reminisce’ appraisal of antiques and collectibles; Trove website for newspaper archives; Found drowned, George Hill, Reedbeds, 1875

· Gibbs Quality Shoppe - 67 Anzac Highway Ashford, bakery, pie cart, 1930’s-1951

·        Life and death at the Birkalla Plumpton, coursing with dogs and hares, 1895-1949 (William Light School, former Plympton High School, Errington Street)

· Kooyonga Golf Course, c1924; Aerial view of Adelaide Airport, 1959; Huelin family house, Holbrooks Road, Underdale; Richmond Primary School, 1931 (Images)

· Cowandilla Memories - Eileen McNamara (Skinner family)

· Richmond Scouts formation, David Williams 1925

· May’s Quarry - Caleb May (Kooyonga Golf Links); Mr Ellis dairyman image

· MATS plan - Metropolitan Adelaide Transport Study, 1968 

. It’s all in the name - street names (Bickford Street, Richmond; Charlesworth Court, Mile End) 

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Vol3 no3 NOV 2011

· Faster than a speeding train! - Dunlop Tyres, Murray Aunger Melbourne to Adelaide record breaking drive, 1914

· ‘The Richmond Lovelies’; Building a house in Grassmere; Richmond Primary School; Southwark Baptist Senior Girls Gymnasium Club; Marineland; Smarts nursery Brooklyn Park closure, 2011

· A Mile End memory - Mile End Fuel Supply, Josiah Thomas, 1900 ; Kevin Ward, wood carter

· Our first town planner - Charles Compton Reade, c1914 (Colonel Light Gardens, Thebarton Oval & Senior College, Kurralta Park/North Plympton, Marleston) Galway Gardens street nomenclature

· Richmond Kindergarten, 1937; Removing the tram lines Henley Beach Road, Mile End, 1958; opening Keswick Army Barracks, 1914; Lockleys Army encampment (near Mellor Park), 1906 (Images)

· Donkeying (on bicycle) - now an offence under Road Traffic Act, 1937; Richmond Police Station image

· Ostrich racing on Weigall Oval, 1917

· Mother’s Basketball - Lockleys Primary School, 1963

· Hilton - Go-ahead Hilton, Land sale, 1919

· When Phar Lap came to West Torrens, 1930

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Vol4  no1 APR 2012

· District’s starring role - The Woman Suffers, partly filmed in Richmond, 1918

· Western Suburban Literary Society/ Western Suburban Methodist Literary Society; Torrensville Methodist/Uniting Church; The churches of West Torrens; Boulevard of Honour

· Benson’s Biscuits of Underdale, family business 1930’s

· The Bluebird of Grassmere - Oliver Tennis Racquet Company, 1930’s (Kurralta Park)

· War heroes honoured - street names Glenelg North, Golflands (Mattner Avenue, McCann Avenue, Shannon Avenue); Plympton Speirsville (Wheaton Road, Clayton Avenue, Stanley Street - Watson’s Peir); ANZAC Highway

· Bitumen testing laboratory, Department of Roads, Keswick, 1954; Thebarton Bowling Green opening, 1950; Watson family, Kandahar, Plympton; Solid-tyred delivery trucks, Mile End railway goods yard (Images)

· Moore Farm Bridge, Fulham, 1912

· Bismark - Dairy & milk round, 1921

· Open air - Ratepayer’s meeting Soldiers Memorial Hall, Hilton, 1920’s

· Bicycle racing - Mile End Methodist Circuit, Brooklyn Park, 1936 ; West Torrens cycling club 1896/7 

· What’s in a name? - Barcoo Road, West Beach (Barcoo run aground, 1948)

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Vol4 no2 AUG 2012

· From sand-pits to fairways - Caleb May family, Kooyonga Golf Course, 1900’s

· Underdale Baptist Church, c1924; Torrensville Methodist/Uniting Church centenary

· Shopping at Dyke’s - E. Dyle & son, 58 Rowland Road (Sir Donald Bradman Drive), Hilton, 1930

· Vale - Chris Brice (1949-2012)

· Grey Street and a man of West Torrens - Alexander Poynton (1853-1935)

· Notable homes of West Torrens  - “The Pines”, North Plympton, John Martin (Part 1)

· Brooklyn Park Methodist Girls Comrades reunion, 1973; Keswick Methodist Church basketball players, 1950s; Torrensville Uniting Church, Miss World 1980; Mile End Baptist, Sunday tennis team, 1932 (Images)

· Birkalla Rovers Soccer Club, founded 1933

· Penrhyn Shopping Centre, 164 Marion Road, 1952

· Wilford Winery, John Holbrook, Underdale, 1853

· When Myers owned an oval, Birkalla Polo Ground, Plympton, 1949

· A big day at Keswick & Richmond, Repatriation Gala Day, 1916

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Vol4 no3 DEC 2012

· The Russians are coming!, proposal for a military road from Glenelg northwards, 1870

· The Mellor’s of Mellor Park, Mellor family information; Boulevard of Honour

· West Torrens’ favourite son - footballer Bob Hank (1923-2012)

· The two Torrens tramway bridges - Holland Street 1909; Cawthorne Street, 1923

· Kitchen’s soap and candle factory, Southwark (Thebarton), 1908; Wedding of Peter and Moyna Giles, Keswick Methodist Church, 1954; Model train at Mile End Railway Museum; West Richmond Uniting Church tennis players, 1991 (Images)

· The ‘Lollie King’ of Torrensville - Albert Cann Smyth, Smyth’s confectionery, Torrensville, 1917; New Mile End, 1925; Richmond 1950

· Some defunct West Torrens street names - Burbridge Road, Cowandillah Road, Rowland Road - Sir Donald Bradman Drive

· Inkberry tree - grown at Cummins House, Novar Gardens

· Caldicott’s store, 127 Rowland Road, Hilton, est. 1895 (Hilton Seafood and Yiros shop)

· Notable homes of West Torrens - “The Pines”, North Plympton, John Martin (Part 2)

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Vol5  no1 APR 2013

· West Beach evolves - 1953 levelling of the sand hills, Blueline drive-in theatre, construction and development

· Matron Paterson’s Mile End Emergency Maternity Hospital, Lurline Street, 1924 (SW annexe of Ashford Community Hospital); Richmond Railway Station fatality; Thebarton Salvation Army

· Melbourne Cup winner - 1977, ‘Gold and Black’, owner Jack Harris, Plympton area building plasterer (inc. Scaffell/Carlisle House)

· The Horwood Bagshaw story (est1839)

· Preparing the site for the athletic stadium, Mile End; Mock wedding, Brooklyn Park Methodist Church; Christian Endeavor, Torrensville Methodist Church; 567 Tapleys Hill Road, Fulham (Images)

· Osborn’s Plant Nursery, Frederick Robert Osborn (c1860-1930)

· A pioneer artist, Eliza Mellor (1847-1919)

· The Nelson family and the Marleston Post Office/General Store, 1880-2004 (Essem Nominees Pty Ltd)

· The ‘flying Scotsman’ visits West Torrens - August 1989

· Notable homes of West Torrens - “The Pines”, North Plympton, John Martin (final)

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Vol5 no2 AUG 2013

· Tragedy and triumph on the Glenelg Line (now Westside Bikeway)

· A slice of history - Golf Courses in West Torrens (Kooyonga, Glenelg, Westward Ho)

· From Corner Store to Corporation; Hender family

· The disappearing sand-hills of West Torrens (Reedbeds, Plympton, Netley, Kooyonga, Adelaide Airport, Morphett Road South)

· Substitute ‘tram’ during floods, Henley Beach Road, Underdale, 1923; Thebarton gasworks Port Rd established 1872 (now 23 James Congdon Drive - the site of Ice Arena); Torrensville United Football Club, premiers 1947; South Adelaide Christadelphian Family Home, est. 1928 (Images)

· The three merging bowling clubs - The Underdale Airport Bowling Club, 2011 (Underdale Women’s Bowling Club, Thebarton Bowling Club, Adelaide Airport Bowling Club)

· Fighting at Fulham, 1882

· Centenary of former church building at Brooklyn Park - Methodist Church, 1913 (Trees for Life SA)

· Notable homes of West Torrens - Ashford House at Ashford, Anzac Highway, Dr Charles Everard

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Vol5 no3 DEC 2013

· Humber, Hillman, Holden and ‘Hey Charger’ ... WH Wylie, Hilton, T.J. Richards Keswick and Mile End, Chrysler Dodge DeSoto Distributors Ltd., Lightburn Industries (Alfa to Zeta).

· Yvonne Jackson, retirement from West Torrens Historical Society

· Joan remembers…Gene Autry Days - Lyric / Windsor Theatre, 1940’s from Joan Modra (Tillbrook)

· Sandhill obstruction - Morphett Road, 1954

· Before the airport was an airport; William Henry Gray (1808-1896) (part 1)

· Lockleys Primary School, pepper tree, demolished after 100 years, 2013; Two ‘Singer’ 12hp vehicles, 1929 at council chambers, Marion Road, Weeroopa (West Richmond) (Images)

· The 1960’s West Torrens Road programme

· The Lockleys Hall or Corbett’s Hall, Torrens Avenue, c1900

· Marshfield at Kurralta Park, demolished 1983; St Joseph’s Catholic Church (1961-2008); Gallipoli Underpass

· Notable homes of West Torrens - Our home in Lockleys, Gray family, 11 Taylor Avenue, 1950

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Vol6  no1 APR 2014

· Weird displays at Fulham - Scout camp, 1931

· Kandahar repair and paint; Wheatsheaf Inn, Thebarton; the St Ives Private Hospital 221 Henley Beach Road, New Mile End

· West Torrens street names with an indigenous origin

· The Bronzewing Poultry Farm, Otto Von Rieben, North Plympton, 1913-c1950s

· Hilton subbranch R S L Electric Light Cricket Club Premiers 1934-35; The Butterfield property, Fulham, early 1900s; Aerial view of South Australian Farmer’s Co-op Union Limited factory, Railway Terrace, Mile End c1930; H1 type tram (no 381), Richmond Road terminus, 1956 (Images)

· The workingmen’s blocks - Richmond, c1895

· Wine in decanter 96 years - Richard Marjoram, vineyard Lockleys, 1937

· ‘Look both ways’ at Richmond School - 1930

· The eccentric Mr Ware - Charles Boxer Ware (1870-1932), Craiglee / Roseneath (corner of Henley Beach Road and Sherriff’s Road, Underdale)

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol6  no1 APR 2014


Vol6 no2 AUG 2014

· The Salvation Army at Mellor Park, 1892, Prison Gate Brigade Home, John White Mellor, Lockleys Estate (Serene Nursing home)

· West Torrens maps, charts, subdivisions, posters and development plans; World War 1, ANZAC centenary; West Torrens Football Club A&B premiership team, 1927; Underdale Football Club, 1923

· Father & son at 2 wars. - Vivian Arthur John Brittain (1898-1957), Jack Vivian Brittain (1922-1942)

· Before the airport was an airport; Lorton, Ancell, Costa, Charlick, Harris, Iles, Marles, Milledge, Pearson and Starr families, Western Trotting Speedway Company (part 2)

· Anderson Potter in Brooklyn Park - south-western corner Henley Beach and Marion Roads, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Nurseries, 1914 (Stanford Mowers) (SA Housing Trust flats, Holbrook); Saundersons Florists of 155 Marion Road, Richmond

· Preparations underway for construction of K Mart, Anzac Highway Kurralta Park 1969; Kelvinator foundry Everard Ave. Keswick, 1950; Sea scouts at Mellor Park Lockleys with Governor Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey KCMG 1943; Holder Memorial Sunday School reunion 1983—Wilfred Mader conducting (Images)

· A forgotten Methodist church - Jervois Street Methodist Church, New Thebarton, 1902

· Our narrow lanes - Thebarton, Mile End

· Tobacco growing in West Torrens - John White, Fulham Farm, 1910

· Edward Meade (‘Ned’) Bagot (1822-1886)

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol6 no2 AUG 2014


Vol6 no3 DEC 2014

· Thebarton Air Raid shelter, South Road, 1942 (Australian Society of Magicians)

· Thebarton Senior College / Thebarton Boys Technical School, 90 years; town planner Charles C Reade

· The cinemas of West Torrens (part 1) (Waterman brothers’ Ozone Amusements Ltd.; Star group of theatres, Dan Clifford; Thebarton Open-Air Picture Show; Hilton Open-Air Picture Show; Roxy Theatre; Blueline drive-in, West Beach; Torrensville Star; Thebarton Town Hall) (Mile End Office Furniture)

· First Underdale Scout Group march past at Mellor Park, Lockleys, December, 1941; Christmas concert, Underdale St Gabriel’s kindergarten, Torrensville Methodist hall, 1973; Christmas party, Brooklyn Park Uniting Church, 1960s; North Tce to Glenelg train ’G.C.’ class “Dirty Gert” decorated for Commemoration Day, December 28, late 1800s (Images)

· Memories of school days at Cowandilla from Joan Modra

· Christmas tree party at Hilton - Hilton Recreation Hall, Adelaide Electric Supply Company Limited, 1927

· 55 years of the Lockleys Ladies Choir (1953-2003)

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Vol7  no1 APR 2015

· Thirteen descendants at the war, Mrs J Butterfield (née Beavis), 1918; Children of George Noble

· Pier builder at Gallipoli, Stanley Holm Watson (1887-1985)

· Vale - Yvonne Jackson (1920-2014)

· The cinemas of West Torrens (part 2), (Thebarton Town Hall; Thebarton Theatre)

· Grand plans and troubled times at Brooklyn Park - Brooklyn Park Methodist Church, 1914 (Fulham Methodist Church; Lockleys Baptist Church)

· National Rabbits, Mr Doman, 91a Port Road, Southwark (Thebarton), 1942

· World War 1 veteran, Harold Riggs (1891-1969)

. The development and demise of the Apollo Stadium, Kingston Avenue, Richmond (1969-2002); street names Apollo Circuit and Crawford Court 

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol7  no1 APR 2015


Vol7 no2 AUG 2015

· Bay Road to Anzac Highway (1841-2009)

· The cinemas of West Torrens (part 3), (Lockleys Soldiers’ Memorial Hall; Lyric Theatre / Lyric Pictures, Lockleys Windsor Theatre, Lockleys Cine Centre, Lockleys Odeon Star)

· Profile: William Henry (Bill) Shinn (1913-  ) prominent race horse trainer

· Cheer-Up hut

· Memories of ANZAC highway, Burger King drive-in restaurant, south west corner of  Leader Street junction (Hungry Jacks)

· Marineland West Beach performing dolphin,  1970; Tram lines early 1900s

· Chimney stack felled - Adelaide Chemical Company, Jervois St, Torrensville, 1938

· Remembering Flora McDonald Lodge, 22 Cowandilla Road, by Joan Modra

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Vol7 no3 DEC 2015

· Mahomet Allum - a most unusual man (c1858-1964), herbalist, naturopath and faith healer, Everard Park

· Chatham Private Hospital / Kewpie Maternity Home, 48 Chatham Street, Keswick, 1908-1954

· Richmond Mutual Improvement Society, 1899

· The cinemas of West Torrens (part 4), (Richmond Theatre, Hilton Soldiers’ Memorial Institute/ Windsor Theatre Hilton)

· Thomas Howard Brown, Chairmaker, from Mile End to the world (1889-1964), Brown Brothers Wholesale Chair Manufacturers, T.H. Brown and Sons, Workspace Commercial Furniture

· Brooklyn Park Methodist Sunday School Senior Boys, 1973; Brownhill Creek near Ashford; Early house, Rowland Road (now Sir Donald Bradman Drive) Hilton; Building the belfry on Plympton Church of the Good Shepherd; “Sizzler” restaurant, Anzac Highway Morphettville; Bakewell Bridge under construction in 1924 looking west towards South Road (Images)

· A frightening experience at the Keswick Bridge, train derailment under bridge, 1944

OPEN FULL ISSUE     Vol7 no3 DEC 2015


Vol8  no1 APR 2016

· Underdale College of Advanced Education - Before and after (1840’s - 2004)

· A local school near disaster - Netley Demonstration school, chemical spill, 1967

· Vale: William (Ross) Stanton (1931-2015)

· Adelaide West Uniting Church, illuminated address, C.E. Stamp, Methodist churches

· Growing up in Cowandilla, recollections by John Satterley. 1933-  1. Early Days, 1954 earthquake; 2. Cowandilla Primary School; 3. The Big School; 4 Double Trouble; 5. Party Games

· St. Ives Private Hospital, New Mile End; Tins of throat pastilles, Torrensville chemist CRE Dowling 1929; Plympton Primary School chrysanthemums; Southwark Hotel c1940s; Turner’s butcher boiling down works/abattoir, Brooklyn Park, 1900’s (Images)

· A World War 1 hero, Gallipoli - Private Francis Gilbert Evans (1894-1915)

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol8  no1 APR 2016


Vol8 no2 AUG 2016

· The Ingersons of Keswick, from early 1900’s (Council and bakery)

· Cowandilla Primary School headmaster - Herbert Rofe (1976-1947)

· Cowandilla Primary School centenary

· Lockleys School centenary

· Vale - David Frederick (Fred) Hutchinson (1927-2016)

· Vale - Alan Carnegie Smith OAM (-2016)

· Growing up in Cowandilla, recollections by John Satterley. 1933-  6. Adelaide High School; 7. Pat’s Career (Patricia May Nielsen); 8. Getting Started, Journalism,

· Watery West Beach, street names, 1960’s

· HMAS Barcoo aground, West Beach 1948; St. James Anglican Church, 1946; Truck accident, Way’s Thebarton bottle yard; Lockleys Primary School, 1922 (Images)

· Phil Read - Umpire (1904-1982)

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol8 no2 AUG 2016


Vol8 no3 DEC 2016

· A world first technology which began in Mile End - Hume Pipe factory 1912-1987

· Growing up in Cowandilla, recollections by John Satterley. 1933  - 9. Volunteer Work, St John Ambulance; 10. Father Whitfield

· Jerusalem in Fulham - White family nature sanctuary in western portion of Reedbeds (Henley Beach South), 1893-1935

· Tobacco growing in West Torrens - a first for the Reedbeds, J.W. Mellor, 1910

· Policeman on point duty, Henley Beach Road and Taylors Road (South Road), Thebarton; Mayor George Robertson opening Coast Watchers Park, Fulham 1992; St Martins Nursing Home opening, 1991; Fulham Farm, Reedbeds, painting 1800s (Images)

· “Know Your District” bus tours; Satterley Hall, Lockleys Oval; John Lewis, Netley market garden

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Vol9 no1 APR 2017

· Chinese market gardeners in West Torrens, 1840s- 1890s; Mrs Annie Way Lee (nee Margaret Ann McDonald), Glandore, widow of Adelaide merchant Yet Soo War Way Lee (c.1853-1909), also ran the Black Forest Temperance Hotel, Glandore, 1915-1920s; Doy Lee grocery and fireworks shop, home at 323 Henley Beach Road, Brooklyn Park

· West Torrens Historical Society open day

· North Plympton Wesleyan cemetery (later Methodist), All Saints Uniting Church, c1876

· Australian History & Genealogy Expo display, Immanuel College, 2016; Lockleys Primary School Soccer Club 1924; Stained glass windows inside the former Holder Memorial Church South Rd. Mile End (Images)

· Vale - Ken Sutter (1925-2017)

· Honouring our ANZAC’s, Eric Reuben Wheaton (1881-1917)

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol9 no1 APR 2017


Vol9 no2 AUG 2017

· Babidge’s Cooperage - cask builders for Cooper’s Brewery, South Australian Brewing Company, Hardy and Sons, Seppelt and Sons, Reynell and Sons, Auldana Ltd, Basedows and Chateau Tanunda, Railway Terrace and Cuming Street, Mile End, c1910-1983

· Tim Cheney - “Community Man” (1918-1997), builder, Kooyong Court Shopping Centre

· Netley Primary School closure; West Maps public

· Vale - Alan Paterson (2017)

· Looking back at my Sunday school days - Holder Memorial Methodist Church, 1930s-40s;  Bernie Lewis Home Loans

· Horse trams heading to Henley Beach Road from Hindley Street in the mid 1890s; Henley drop centre tram crossing the viaduct over low-lying land at Fulham; Construction of Bakewell Bridge at Mile End c1925, Hardy’s ‘Tintara’ winery in the centre distance; 5CL Radio tower and buildings on a 5.5 acre portion of land bounded by Lewis Street,

· Oscar Street, Lipsett Terrace and Clifford Street Brooklyn Park c1926. (Images)

· Daphne Lorraine Gum MBE OAM (1916-2017)

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Vol9 no3 DEC 2017

· “Jedda” at Thebarton, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, 1955

· ‘Telethon House of Hope’ - in West Torrens, 568 Sir Donald Bradman Drive Lockleys, 1967

· The Rise and Demise of Bean Brothers, Thebarton/ Torrenside Tannery, 1840-c1898

· Toc H moving from Thebarton, 26 Light Terrace Thebarton

· The Keane family - milkmen of Thebarton

· Former Thebarton Salvation Army meeting hall corner of Light Terrace and Beans Road, opened 1897; ’Kesmond’ tennis club at Keswick, 1960s; Walkerville Brewing Company at Southwark (now Thebarton), 1918; Erecting the reinforced concrete walls of the Torrensville Methodist Church, 1912 (Images)

· Walter Were, Builder, Torrensville, Busy Bee Joinery Works, 1911

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Vol10 no1 APR 2018

· The bombing of Kooyonga, 1933; Lockleys Home Guard

· Thomas Hudson Beare: the founder of Netley

· The Mile End toad - “The Abode of the Friendly Toad”, 85 Henley Beach Road, Mile End, 1981

· “Fire rips through suburban shops”, Kooyong Court, 2016; building by Tim Cheney in 1958, changes through the 1970’s

· “Pollyanna Girls Club reunion at Holder Memorial Methodist Church, 1968; Thebarton gas holder, East Tce from the air - demolished 1977; Former Keswick railway station; Mile End Railway Museum, Railway Terrace Mile End (Images)

· Floods in South Australia 1836-2005; Odeon picture theatre, Lockleys Soldiers Memorial Hall

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Vol10 no2 AUG 2018

· Mile End radio star, Victor Knight Coombe, 44 King Street Mile End, ‘Holmyard’ (1890-1955)

· From Cowandilla to Fulham: Joan Modra remembers

· From Nissan Hut to Christ The King - Maltese Franciscan Friar Father Giles Carmelo Ferriggi OFM (1911-2000)

· Miss Audrey Morphett - An Eminent Lady of West Torrens (1902-1983)

· Cleaning the tram lines on Cowandilla Road (now Sir Donald Bradman Drive) looking west;

· The South Australian Railway Museum, Railway Terrace, Mile End South, c1988; Netley Primary School students, 1963; Mile End locomotive yards and round-house (Images)

· “Birkalla” polo grounds Plympton; Aboriginal sites and places of interest in West Torrens

· Vale - Glen Ross Ralph (1932-2018)

· Vale - Charles (Chas) Day Harris (2018)

OPEN FULL ISSUE Vol10 no2 AUG 2018


Vol10 no3 DEC 2018

· Richmond Park—from stud to nursing home, John and James Chambers, James Aldridge, The Woman Suffers film, St Martin’s Private Hospital

· Vic Coombe moves into mainstream radio (Continued from August)

· Polo meeting, “Birkalla” Plympton, 1904; Enjoying the sun at West Beach shacks c1962; Richmond Park homestead, 1909; Constructing the outlet to the sea for the Breakout Channel at Henley Beach, 1937 (Images)

· Thebarton Senior College, Danby Estate, 1918

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol10 no3 DEC 2018


Vol11 no1 APR 2019

· The first church in West Torrens - Thebarton Wesleyan Church, Maria Street, c1837

· Prominent Residents of West Torrens : Shall We Dance? – Aubrey and Kathleen Hal, c1920-1970

· From Nissen Hut to Christ The King : The Franciscans in West Torrens

· A ‘drop centre’ tram on Marion Road; Remains of the Migrant Hostel at North Glenelg, 1979; Remnants of former sand hills at Deeds Road Plympton, 1979; “The Pines” homestead at Plympton, former home of retailer John Martin (Images)

· Torrensville Methodist/Uniting Church; Torrensville Methodist Tennis Club

· Changing road names in West Torrens (Richmond Road, West Beach Road and Morphett Road)

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol11 no1 APR 2019


Vol11 no2 AUG 2019

· The Commonwealth of Australia Vs Milledge, Adelaide Airport land compensation, 1946; G.H. Charlick, Mile End Trading Company

· Watson Family at Kandahar

· The Walter Burley Griffin Incinerator, West Thebarton Road, 1936

· Mile End Railway Yards and goods sheds, early 1900s; Unveiling plaque at Beare Avenue Reserve, 2018; Flooding of houses in Underdale, 18 Hinton Street ,1930s; “Halfway Hotel” later Highway Inn Anzac Highway (Images)

· More changes of street names in West Torrens (ANZAC Highway, Cross Road, Marion Road, South Road); Old Thebarton Post Office, Taylors Road (Image)

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol11 no2 AUG 2019


Vol11 no3 DEC 2019

· Alex Ramsay - Mr. Housing, general manager South Australian Housing Trust, 1949-1978

· Vale - Richard Clarence Stevens (1929-2019)

· Vale - Moyna Hazel Giles (1932-2019)

· Vale - Peter Ronald Giles (2019)

· Street names of West Torrens - Lockleys Streets named after Kidman Stations, Fulham Park Subdivision, 1941 (Arcoona Ave, Clyde Ave, Corona Ave, Durham Ave)

· West Richmond Uniting Church Chat and Share group; The corner of Henley Beach Road and Frank Street — later the site of Airport Road looking south; Workers at Shahinger’s cooperage, Nottingham Avenue Keswick in 1935; Mayor George Robertson and the Sea Scouts planting a tree at Coastwatchers Park, Fulham, 1992 (Images)

· Kurralta Park and the Wyatt Benevolent Institution, Dr William Wyatt (c.1804-1886)

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol11 no3 DEC 2019


Vol12  no1 APR 2020

· Cowell’s Church - And the Man in the Moon, architects, Henry James Cowell (1855-1935), Baptist Church, Underdale, 1924

· Charles Simeon Hare – A West Torrens Eccentric, Plympton, (1808-1882)

· Vale - Barrie John Brice (1934-2019)

· Plympton’s hidden gem, Garden suburbs, Town planner, Charles Reade (1880-1933)

· The early Stanford Bridge, 1911, Tapleys Hill Road just north of Henley Beach Road; Camden Primary School, 1969; Wooden bridge across the reed beds at Fulham c1906; Thebarton Post Office, corner of George Street & Taylors Road (now 135 South Road), 1898 (Images)

· Torrensville Congregational Church; Thebarton Primary School; Stanford Bridge, Fulham; Camden Primary School

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol12  no1 APR 2020


Vol12 no2 AUG 2020

· Sand, swamp & saltbush to Recreation Reserve, West Beach Recreation Reserve, WH Gray

· More street names in West Torrens (James Melrose Road, Glenelg North/Novar Gardens; Ron Wait Court, Lockleys; Charles Veale Drive, West Beach, James Congdon Drive, Mile End)

· Let’s meet at Skinner’s Corner!, south east corner of Sir Donald Bradman Drive and Brooker Terrace, now the site of the West Torrens Council Chambers.

· Commencing work on lining Keswick Creek 1937. Charlick’s factory in background; A wooden bridge across the Reedbeds at Fulham c1900; WTHS members at Exhibition in Hamra Centre Auditorium, 2004; Clearing land previously taken up by Sir Thomas Elder’s ‘Adelaide Workmen’s Homes Inc.’ scheme in Davenport Terrace 1968 (Images)

· Institute libraries in West Torrens

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol12 no2 AUG 2020


Vol12 no3 DEC 2020

· The Ashford Hospital - difficult beginnings, 1946

· Prominent people of West Torrens - Pat Glennon, jockey, (1927-2004)

· Aerial view of Hallett’s Brickworks at Torrensville during the conversion to “Brickworks Markets” c1982 (Image)

· One home - four addresses -An example of our changing street names, Vera and Eric Tremethick, Richmond, 1929-1990

· Yum Yum Drinks and Imperial Pickles, H Marsh & Co., manufacturing candles, soap and washing powder, Winwood Street, Southwark, now Thebarton, 1896-1950’s

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol12 no3 DEC 2020


Vol13 no1 APR 2021

· A fine past & a challenging future- The Western Youth Centre, est. 1957

· Some West Torrens eccentrics and ‘characters’ (Charlie Dazzle, Mrs Grumpas, Martha, William Henry Gray (1808-1896)

· Former sewerage pump-house at Cowandilla as ether distillation plant, 1948; Brooklyn Park Methodist Church Junior Choir late 1960s; Aerial view of Thomas Hardy’s wine cellars and Henley Beach Road in 1933 (Images)

· Centenary of Richmond air crash, Harry Butler, Richmond, 1921

· Vale - Ronald Edwin Modra (1930-2021)

OPEN FULL ISSUE     Vol13 no1 APR 2021


Vol13 no2 AUG 2021

· From milk to chocolate, the SAFU building in Mile End South - South Australian Farmers’ Co-operative Union, 1988

· West Torrens characters & eccentrics - Dr Douglas Buxton Hendrickson (1911-1979); ‘Mr Jenkins’, Cowandilla

· Holder Memorial Church Choir, 1983; F.B. Payne-Ross, mixed business, 222 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville, 1958; Shacks at West Beach after storms, 1961; John Martin’s house “The Pines”, North Plympton, 1882 (Images)

· Lois Brock OAM - a remarkable lady, Kurralta Park Kindergarten, Meals on Wheels, Richmond School, Richmond Lovelies, West End Baptist Mission, South Western Suburban Association of School Welfare Clubs, World Education Fellowship SA, West Torrens Historical Society (1923-2021)

· West Torrens Historical Society Open Day 2021 - Thomas Hudson Beare, Watson family

· Vale - Judith Clark ‘Judi’ Stephens (2021)

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol13 no2 AUG 2021


Vol13 no3  DEC 2021

· THE METTERS COMPANY in West Torrens and Beyond.

· DEADLY LINES - Railway Deaths in West Torrens

· Laying cement for tram tracks on Henley Beach Road at Mile End in early 1950s. (images)

· Aerial view - Former Hallett’s Brickworks with Brickworks Market devel. & Thebarton Oval.   Looking west from the River Torrens. (images)

· STEPHEN JOHN SPEARS - known professionally as Steve J. Spears – playwright, actor and novelist

· Vale - Verna May Huelin  (2021), John Herbert Satterley  (2021), Christopher Michael Sangster  (2021)

OPEN FULL ISSUE  vol13 no3  DEC 2021 


Vol14 no1  April 2022

· The Remarkable Life of Ross Stanford DFC OAM

· The Glandore Bowling Club and The West Torrens Jubilee Park

· Jack Smith & West Torrens Birkalla

· No. 11 Anzac Highway 1938-39 (image)

· Tram at Keswick terminus c 1919 (image)

· Bunney Bros Bus (image)

· Ashford Tennis Club 1935-36 (image)

· Charles Edward Stamp - A little known artist

OPEN FULL ISSUE  vol14 no1  April 2022 

· A house of many lives. "Palmyra", Henley Beach Road, Torrensville.

· The Rex Jones Reserve, North Plympton.

· Wiles Manufacturing Company Limited.

· Vale - Jean Newton (2022)

· Images- Phar Lap winning the Kings Cup Morhettville on 17-5-1930

· Under stage room at the Lockleys Soldier's Memorial Hall (Odeon/Windsor/Lyric Theatre). Old movie posters displayed on the walls

· Group of young people from Torrensville Method Church circa 1966

OPEN FULL ISSUE  vol14 no2  August 2022  

· Johnny Reid and West Torrens Horse Buses (Margaret Ferguson (1828-1899), Nottingham Avenue, Eton and Hampton Roads, ‘Bleak House’, Ruby Lillian Crawford, William Queale, Kelvinator, Alfred Hurcomb, Bagshaw’s Crossing corner of Hilton Road and James Congdon Drive, Keswick Barracks, Adelaide and Hindmarsh Tramway Company, J.E. Burgess, Adelaide & Suburban Tramway Company, Skinners Corner) 

· Kurralta Park Methodist Church (northern corner of Clifford and Tennyson Streets, merged with the Keswick Methodist Church to form Hare Street Methodist (later Uniting) Church)

· The Richmond Lovelies - 7 Years of Fun & Fundraising (Richmond Primary School’s Mother’s Club, Richmond Soldiers’ Remembrance Hall, Daphne Todd, Mrs A. Watson, Lois Brock, Maria Jordan, Dot Laughton, Eileen Milburn, Myra Neilson, Joan Boucher, Ruth McCann, and Betty Smith)

· Prominent Residents of West Torrens - Giuseppe Rosario (Joe) Ielasi - Master Tailor (North Parade Torrensville, cousin Joe Mittiga, Don Dunstan, Hindley Street, Queen of Angels Church, Thebarton, son Joe on West Torrens Council)

· Vale 

-Aldo Alberto Pratali (2022) (West Torrens Camera Club, Cowandilla Club)

-John Stanley Lewis (2022) (Lewis Market garden Marion Road/West Beach Road, Netley, Thomas Henry Lewis, Cowandilla Primary School, Thebarton Technical High School, State Government property acquisition for Government Printing Office, South Australian Fruit Growers and Market Gardeners Association)

-Josephine (Josie) Taylor (1926-2022)  (St. John Ambulance Brigade

(Nursing division), Belair Community Centre , Mothers and Babies Health Association, ARPA, Airport Senior Citizens, Arnott Motteram Menz, Lockleys Ladies Probus)

· From our photo files:

-1922 map showing the Henley Beach Road frontage of the subdivision of “White Park” (now part of Lockleys) Willingale Avenue is in the centre and Hillview Terrace did not eventuate.

-The Glenelg North Migrant Hostel looking towards the Adelaide Airport

-Laying bitumen on Anzac Highway at Morphett Road intersection with the former Morphett Arms Hotel on right

OPEN FULL ISSUE   Vol 14 No 3 December 2022 

· The Fulham Viaduct (Municipal Tramways Trust (MTT) / horse tram system / electric tram / River Torrens, floods / Breakout Creek / Moore Farm Bridge / Kidman Bridge / John White Bridge / Lewis’s Corner between Burnley Street and Military Road / HMAS Australia Road / White’s Paddock / George Gilmore White (1885-1920) / The Oaks / Wally Satterley / Lancelot Hurcombe / William Atkin / Battle of the Coral Sea)

· Bruce Dooland (1923-1980) - West Torrens Test Cricketer (West Torrens Cricket Club / David Hookes / Walter Charles Reginald Dooland, clerk / Marjorie Dew (nee Probert) / Rankine Road, New Mile End / Hounslow Avenue, Cowandilla / Thebarton Central School / Thebarton Oval / Denis Brien / West Torrens Baseball Club / Percy Dooland / WW2 / Joyce Elizabeth Quirk (1922-2002) / Plympton Park)

· Defunct West Torrens Street Names (Anzac Highway: Bay Road / Cross Road: Plympton Terrace / Marion Road: Martin Avenue (John Martin, The Pines) / Morphett Road: Erlestone Terrace / South Road: Taylor’s Road (Taylor’s Bridge Road), Fisher Terrace, East Terrace / Richmond Road: South Terrace, Nottingham Avenue, West Beach Road / Rosetta Road: closed late 1940s)

· Water Diviners in West Torrens (‘Professor’ Hurtle Lewis / J.E Rowell / E.A. (Ted) Lasscock / Will Stanford / H.L. ‘Cargie’ Rymill /Kooyonga Golf Club / W.H. Evans / Kevin Weymouth /  F.G. Gill’s, ‘Bankside’ / Thomas Hardy / E.J. Keele)

· From our photo files

-Construction of Anzac Highway /Bay Road / Morphett Arms hotel, 1938

-Building Lockleys Scout Hall, Airport Road, Brooklyn Park, Nissen Hut hall, 1959

-Removing tram lines Henley Beach Road, Mile End,1958

-Tram on Henley Beach Road, Mile End, c1920s.

OPEN FULL ISSUE  Vol 15 No1 April 2023

· Mystery at the Police Commissioner's House (Brigadier Raymond Lionel Leane (1878-1962) SA Commissioner of Police 1920-44 / Greystone, Marion Road and Dingera Avenue, North Plympton, built early 1850s, demolished in 1966 / Charles Simeon Hare (1808-1882) / SA Power Networks substation)

· Prominent Residents of West Torrens - Charles Percy Mountford OBE (1890-1976) (anthropologist and ethnographer / West Street, Torrensville / tram mechanic at the Municipal Tramways Trust / Florence Julge (nee Purnell) / ‘Native Markings on Rocks at Morowie’, South Australia / Bessie Ilma (nee Johnstone) (1890-1996) )

· Kingsley Wellington (1930- ) - South Australia's Mr. Baseball (21 Henley Street, New Mile End / Thebarton Primary School, Thebarton Technical School  / West Torrens Baseball Club / Weigall Oval, North Plympton / SA head coach twelve consecutive Claxton Shield series in 1963-74)

· From our photo files

-Bay Tram (Norm Mitchell cartoon) 

-Thebarton Methodist Church 

-Council Members and Staff at the retirement of Vernon S. Shepard, June 1958

-Vernon S. Shepard

· Joe Wells Reserve, Comet Avenue, Netley (Daniel Joseph Wells (circa 1910-1981) West Torrens Council for Morphett ward 1959-1980 / Production manager Di-Met Pty Ltd, Mile End South / Mooringe Avenue, North Plympton / Saratoga Drive, Novar Gardens / Airport Anti-Noise Association / Errington Street, North Plympton / Netley Kindergarten)

Claude Alfred Haigh

Claude Alfred Haigh


Vol 15 No 3 December 2023 

· Law & Order - The West Torrens Police Stations (Lockleys Police Station: 373 Henley Beach Road, Foot Constable Robert James Cotton, Constable Albert Dick, 366 Henley Beach Road, Amelia Fry, Constable S. G. McKay, Constable Jack Broad, Constable Ernie North, 1st Class Constable L.J. Munns, South Australian Police Historical Society / Thebarton Police Station: Hemington Road (now Kintore Street), Mr R. Padget, Lance Corporal Arthur Burchell, Foot Constable Hjalmar Filip (Philip) Sergerlind, Lance Corporal Charles Archibald Miller, Lance Corporal Michael Shanahan, Foot Constable John Joseph Moloney, 102 Kintore Street, Thomas Forsyth builder of Thebarton, 135 South Road, Robert Burns Cuming, Lance Corporal Michael Shanahan, 117a Henley Beach Road / Plympton Police Station: 268 Bay Road (now Anzac Highway), Stanley Holm Watson (1887-1985), Watson’s Pier, Minnewaska, Foot Constable E.N. Day, Foot Constable Laurence Butler, Police Commissioner R. L. Leane, A.R.V. Giles,of Inspector V.L. (Verne) Aberle, Netley Police Complex / Richmond Police Station:  147 Richmond Road, South Terrace (now Richmond Road) west of Bond Street Ellenville, Alfred Francis Weaver, Foot Constable R.W. (William) Barrien, Charles Dassell butcher, 14 East Terrace Ellenville, 188 South Road, 394-404 South Road, Richmond, Douglas Hime, Adelaide May (nee Gray), Foot Constable William Hipwell, Constable Thomas Latimer, Carl Adolphus Graue Milner Street West Adelaide, Constable John Holman, Sergeant Third Grade Ken Stacey, Sgt Harry Adams / Netley Police Complex: 242 Marion Road, Netley Commercial Park)

· Vale - June Lorraine (2023) (Hope Ward Tennis Club / Richmond Lions Club)

· Why History Matters (Professor Penelope Corfield / Graham Parry)

· Ted Bedford (William Francis Edward (‘Ted’) Bedford (1861-1934) / chief auctioneer Barker Brothers Auctioneers, Marion Road Brooklyn Park horse yards, Aboriginal nullah, Bedford Street Brooklyn Park)

· From our photo files 

-Floodwaters Anzac Highway and Morphett Road (Morphett Arms Hotel)

-WTHS members 1993 Long Street Hall Plympton

-The Wholesaler 1980s, 75 Hardys Road, Underdale

-Brooklyn Park Methodist Sunday School Don Gill 1950s 

· A man of Mile End - Claude Alfred Haigh (1904-1980) (Alfred Ernest Haigh, confectioner /Eliza Ann (née Harvey) / 8 Rose Street, Mile End /Adelaide Workmen’s Homes, Edward Davies / Charles W. Rutt / State Heritage Place / Gerta Vera Klingner)

· Corner store - North Parade, Torrensville / Ebor and Cowra Streets, Mile End (Images)

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol 15 No 3 December 2023  

The West Torrens Historian Vol 15 No 3 Supplement

"Preserving Memories" Celebration at the City of West Torrens Hamra Centre Auditorium, October 2023

OPEN FULL ISSUE    Vol 15 No 3 December 2023 supplement


Vol 16 No 1 APR 2024

1-3 The Horseman of West Torrens - William Blackler (1827-1896) (Adelaide Hunt Club / South Australian Jockey Club / Fulham Park Stud / Sir Sidney Kidman (1857-1935) / Walter Kidman)

4-5  Tragic Coincidence - Two West Torrens Military Deaths   (Lt Walter Gordon Parker (1903-1931) / Keswick Barracks / Cptn David Austral Twining (1895-1931) )

6  West Torrens Reserves - Bill Shepherd Reserve Glenelg North ( Harry 'Bill' Shepherd / WW2 / North Glenelg Returned Servicemen’s League sub-branch / West Torrens Council Morphett ward, 1969-79 )

7 From history's awful truth springs hope - an ANZAC tribute

8-9 From our photo files

'Horses in Action' Lockleys Show, circa 1962 

Phoenix Society nursery Ashwin Parade, Torrensville

The Old Hilton bridge

Miss Dorothy McGregor (1908-2003)

Lockleys Ladies Probus Club

10 A salute to our office bearers (from 1976 - present)

11 Vale Olive Pepper (1923-2023) and Catherina van der Linden (1912-2024)

OPEN FULL ISSUE     Vol 16 No 1 APR 2024


Vol 16 No 2 AUG 2024

1-2 Kandahar Historic House (Cr David Matthews / Steve Hamra Retirement Village / Garden Makeover / John Woodhead / Michael Featherstone / Captain WIlliam Morish /  Bucklands / Mary and Arthur HIll marriage / HIll Brothers Cricketers / Edward Davies - architect / Dr Douglas B Hendrickson / A&F Mittiga and A Callipari /  SA Housing Trust / West Torrens Camera Club / West Torrens Chess Club)

3 Camden Public School - Maurice Locksley (October 1919 - December 1930) / Maurice Schmitz / Jane Anna Winskill  / Edward Hodges)

4-6 Wallmans Undertakers of Mile End (Henry Frederick William Wallman (1877-1941) / 22 Henley Beach Road / Elizabeth Jane Eddy (1877-1967) / Forward sisters / Rudolph Theodore Wallmann (1854-1931) / Emily Jane  Robinson (1854-1945) / Dodge / Harry Bower / Albert Charles Wallman (1905-1949) / 100 Henley Beach Road /  Harry Hatwell / Muriel Eugarde Cornelius (1903-1963) / Frederick William Blackwell /Boots Pure Drug Co / Barbara Hanrahan / Glen Ralph / Harold Stanley Wallman (1896-1962) / Harry Partington (1886-1952) 18 Forest Street Glandore)

7 Heritage Landmarks Revisited 107 Port Road Thebarton (State Heritage listed Walkerville Brewhouse Tower and Copper Kettle / Theberton Cottage remains (Colonel WIlliam Light) & Plaque / Former West End Brewery Garden / SA Brewing Co  / Local Heritage listed - Electric Supply Company Transformer)

7 The lasting legacy of Helen Prettejohn (Virtual War Memorial Australia / WW2 Wall of Remembrance / Vale Mary Prettejohn (1911 - 2024)

 8-9 Photos (45 Shipster Street, Torrensville - Brian Wenzel (1929-2024) / Lockleys Market Garden 1996 / Hilton Railway Station / RF & RA Osborne 1961 Business Calendar / Breakout Creek 2001) 

10-11 History's Best and Worst (Graham Parry)

12-13 Society Success Stories (May 2024 Open Days / Palti to Polo Recreation in West Torrens) 

14 Preserving Memories (John Andrewartha - Footwear Shoe Distribution Business, George Street Thebarton / Colin Drennan - AMPOL / Motor Repairs)

OPEN FULL ISSUE     Vol 16 No 2 AUG 2024