a picture of local heritage-listed house "Kandahar", the home of the West Torrens Historical Society

West Torrens Historical Society 

striving to generate interest in local history

West Torrens Historical Society

The West Torrens Historical Society was founded in March 1976 and is a voluntary non-profit organisation which records, collects and researches matters of historical interest relating to the people, businesses, events, land and buildings within the City of West Torrens. (...read more)

The Society also strives to generate interest in local history among residents of the area by holding open meetings during which guest speakers make presentations on a wide range of subjects. (...read more)

Society membership is open to anyone with an interest in the West Torrens area and subscriptions fall due at the Annual General Meeting each March. (...read more)

Regular meetings are generally held at Kandahar, 329 Marion Rd, North Plympton, on the fourth Monday of each month commencing at 7:15 pm (excluding December). Please note that when the scheduled meeting date coincides with a public holiday, the meeting is held on the third Monday of the month. (...read more). We also welcome visitors to view Kandahar, contact us for available times.

On 1 March 1997 the City of West Torrens absorbed the Corporation of the Town of Thebarton and was renamed as the City of West Torrens Thebarton. On 17 November 1997 the name reverted to the City of West Torrens. The society collects and researches information on both the West Torrens and the former Thebarton council areas. 


The image that appears in the header of this website is of the local heritage-listed house "Kandahar", the headquarters of the West Torrens Historical Society. At 329 Marion Rd, North Plympton, Kandahar was built about 1900 by Captain William Henry Morish a mine captain who was prominent in the early development of Broken Hill. He gave Kandahar to his daughter, Mary Elizabeth Hill, as a wedding present. The house's name derives from Earl Roberts of Kandahar (Field Marshall Lord Roberts, VC), a hero of the Second Afghan-Anglo War (1878-80). (...read more)

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