Our Research

The West Torrens Historical Society is committed to ongoing research into the history and development of the West Torrens area.


(Note: now an ongoing project, the streets of the former Thebarton Council area were not included in this booklet produced by West Torrens Historical Society in 2007).

  • Suburb names - past and present - and their derivation.

  • WW II servicemen & women related to the City of West Torrens and the Boulevard of Honour in plaques placed in their memory.

  • Historical sites identified within the City of West Torrens & plaques installed identifying significance.

  • Various exhibitions in conjunction with the City of West Torrens and SA History Trust (annual history month).


Views and Opinions expressed may not necessarily reflect the views of the West Torrens Historical Society Inc.

While every effort is made to ensure accuracy of information, responsibility is not accepted for errors that may be beyond out control.

If a work of copyright has been inadvertently included and the copyright holder prefers that the work not be made available, please contact the West Torrens Historical Society and the record will be removed from general access.