People of

West Torrens


Colonel William Light (1786-1839) Surveyor and 'Founder of Adelaide'

Barbara Hanrahan (1939-1991) Thebarton Artist and Author

Mervyn Maddern (1927-) Treasured Story Project

  • Mervyn Maddern Treasured Story - St John Community Care document of Mervyn's life story with detailed recollections of his life and what it was like in his years living and working in the West Torrens area

Preserving Memories Project 2021-

The Preserving Memories project aim is to interview people who have lived in or had extensive connections to the West Torrens area. The West Torrens Historical Society in conjunction with the City of West Torrens invite them to share their memories and talk about the events and experiences which helped to make up their life's history. It allows us all the chance to reflect on the past and to preserve those memories into the future.

Download the participants stories:

Delving into the past

Since its inception the West Torrens Historical Society has interviewed local residents to capture their valuable recollections of the West Torrens area. Some of the early interviews conducted in the 1978 are an insight into the conditions and lifestyles when these people were living back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Later interviews reflect the changes and developments made in the area and to the way of life.

These interviews have been added to the City of West Torrens library catalogue and have an in-depth list of keywords to aid access to relevant records.

To search the full database, access the library catalogue here.